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Telebelt Placement

Handles Various Materials

In addition to handling aggregates from rock to sand with ease, a Telebelt conveys a multitude of concrete mix designs. Separation and loss of air entrainment are not an issue with conveyed concrete. This makes them a great choice for non-pumpable mix designs.


Saves Time & Labor

Need to place gravel and concrete on the same site in the same day? Telebelts can perform multiple tasks from a single location. Quick setup and tear down as well as the ability to place material at high volumes enable you to complete more jobs with less manpower. Tedious tasks once requiring multiple trips with other equipment are eliminated.

Please click the image above to find product details and specifications for our newest Putzmeister Telebelt 110.

Low Clearance Projects

With extremely low operating heights and the ability to be moved rapidly, our Putzmeister Telebelt can be set up to operate on jobs with height restrictions such as under power lines. Material can be conveyed up to 110' under bridges and into limited access structures.