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Unique Applications


At VISTA RIDGE we believe in the energy conserving and storm protecting use of concrete for residential and commercial Insulated Concrete Forms.  Thats why many Hotels, Schools, and Homes that integrate ICF into their projects also use Vista Ridge.

-Relay Pumping-

If access limits only one time in & out, then maybe you'll need two or more pumps!  We have done it before!  Relay pumping can be-

From: any size boom pump or line pump

To: any size boom or line pump

VISTA RIDGE can also adapt various size units with approved lifting attachments for supporting up to 80 ft. of pipe without a crane assist to pour "Wet or Dry Piers" from the bottom up.

This gas station project required a 36Z to pump the paving under the Fuel Island Canopy.  The "Z" type configuration allows the boom to be extended under low overhead obstructions.